Diamond Bound Europe

Thanks to all who came to Diamond Bound Europe 1.0 in Stockholm, Sweden on Nov 2!

Stay tuned for details about 2.0! Coming soon!

November 2, 2019 / Stockholm, Sweden

Grab your ticket and submit your #1 business question for us to address at this event!


8:30 AM: Pre Event Fellowship

9:00 AM: Welcome and Introduction of Speakers

9:10 AM: Stacie Malkus, Royal Crown Diamond

9:50 AM: Corrine Delis, Diamond

10:30 AM:  Jordan Schrandt, Royal Crown Diamond, DB Host

11:10 AM: John Critz, Royal Crown Diamond

11:50 AM: Courtney Critz, Royal Crown Diamond


2:00 PM: European Leaders Panel

3:00 PM: Jordan Schrandt, Royal Crown Diamond, DB Host

4:00 PM: RCD Leader Panel 

5:00 PM: Dismissal 

6:00 PM:Private Dinner with the RCD’s for the 10 European Leaders who sell the most tickets: CLICK this link to get your promo code so we can track how many tickets you sell to European Members! bitly.com/DBEUROPE


Come for this rare opportunity to have an intimate setting with 5 amazing Royal Crown Diamonds about how to grow your Young Living business!  

Also hear from several European leaders on a panel of silver, gold, and platinums. 


— How to Share Young Living Successfully with Others 
— How to Inspire New Business Builders 
— How to Create Systems to Keep People Engaged
— How to Follow Up Well 
— When, Where and Why to Get Oils in Every Home
— How to get UNSTUCK! 
— How to hit Diamond and beyond! 

… and so much more! 

Come. Be inspired. Be moved. Be changed. It will rock your world!! You don’t want to miss being a part of the roots of this amazing event in the Young Living European market! It will be an incredible opportunity to launch Diamond Bound Event in Europe, similar to when Diamond Bound began in 2015 in America.
Diamond Bound Europe. Be there.


Hilton Slussen, Stockholm Sweden


IMG-4211 (1)

Jordan & Doug Schrandt

Royal Crown Diamond & Host, USA

Stacie Malkus

Stacie Malkus

Royal Crown Diamond, USA

John Critz

Courtney & John Critz

Royal Crown Diamond, USA​


Corrine Delis

Diamond, Netherlands

European Leader Panel


Q: Will there be translators? 

   A: Yes, if there are 25 people or more from one spoken language, we will cover the costs for a translator from that language, providing those needing the interpreting help us connect with a translator they’re familiar with. 

Q: Is there a hotel block? 

   A: Yes, the link is above. This is the same hotel the event will be hosted in and we strongly recommend staying on property. 

Q: Is this appropriate for all ranks? 

   A: Yes! Anyone from brand new to Diamond can benefit from the community, support, ideas and insight coming from this event!